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Welcome to Furever Friends Rescue!

Furever Friends Rescue was started to provide pet owners with an answer to one question: What happens to my animals if something happens to me?

Visitors can find adoptable cats and dogs at our two adoption centers, open daily. Pet owners who need to give up their pets for reasons related to our mission (death, illness, moving to assisted living or hospice) as well as owners who need to surrender pets for other reasons will find instructions on our surrender page.

News & Updates

Dog Can't Stop Thinking About Cat Toy
Bella staring at toy mouse GILBERT, Arizona – Local dog Bella can't stop thinking about the cat toy in the adoption center office.

"I promised to be a good girl if I got to spend time hanging out with the adoption counselors," said the 2 year-old. "But it's really hard not to grab that toy mouse."

Bella seized the opportunity to spend time outside of her kennel when the office cat escaped into the pet store and gave the volunteers a chase.

"That office cat doesn't know how good she's got it," explained Bella, sighing with happiness. "I hope they keep her the cat room forever."

Bella prides herself in her good grooming and responsible handling of her own bed and toys. "Some of the other dogs slobber over everything, but my toys are neat and clean," she said with pride.

"I'm really grateful for my office time today, so I'll probably leave that cat toy alone," Bella concluded, adding, "but I hope they don't notice that I emptied the cat's food bowl."

Volunteer of the Month: Morgan
Morgan holding kitten Super My time at Furever Friends Rescue has helped me be a completely new human being. I never thought I'd be happy to get up at 6 AM for anything, but being able to come in so often over the summer has made me feel happier, healthier, and better about myself. Nothing brightens the spirits more than cute animals and trying to help and give back to someone that needs you. And the dogs and cats at Furever Friends Rescue made me feel needed and important. They've also given me the best feeling of all: seeing them go home with their furever families.

The staff and volunteers I've met at the Rescue have been a huge inspiration to me and are always kind and willing to assist me when I need it – which is was a whole heck of a lot in the beginning. Everyone really cares about the well-being of the animals the Rescue cares for and it's helped remind me why I want to be a veterinarian when I graduate. I want to help animals and help their families that would do anything in the world for them, just like the people at Furever Friends Rescue would do for the cats and dogs. Having so many great people surrounding me every day has given me faith that I'll be able to do the right thing.

Taking in fosters over the past few months has also helped me grow as a human being. Through frustrating clean ups and 3 AM bottle feedings, I've become more patient with younger animals, which I can't say I've been to gracious about in the past. Of the animals I've fostered, I'm happy to say we've fattened up three adorable kittens, and had a temporary family member in Murphy, who is wonderful and sure to get adopted in no time with that silly grin of his!

Success Stories
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